Zanzibar Culture Tour

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This is most of the combination of Culture and Zanzibar traditional TourIt is very special excellent activities with very value to take part even though it is always highly recommended on large group of Tourists. Coconut Palms, Thatching, Baskets, Weaving, pottery, Grinding Millet’s, rice, Coconut Rope Making, Coconut Palm Climbing, Local Cuisine Cooking, Zanzibar Aroma and Incense, Construction of local Homes, Bread Making, Spices, Banana Plantations, Seasonal Fruits, Visit the Children Local Koran Schools, Local Traditional Music/Songs and Dancers. The Half day guided tour begins and ends at your hotel where you will be driven to FUONI or similar Village on outskirts of Zanzibar Town. Here you will be able to see while walking through the farm village and capitalizing on the village life of the locals who are always busy carrying on with their daily activities like: grinding millets with mortar pestles; thatching coconut palms; preparation of bread for evening meal–guests are welcome to taste


We move further to see locals climbing Coconut Palm Tree guests to try it out; coconut products madafu milk; baskets; rope; poles coconut palm caps. Further afield cassava plantation and bananas with their various products can be seen and tasted cassava weaving of baskets, floor mats, brooms, food covers etc. Koran Schools will also be visited. Will set a prepared shadow place for a very excellent local delicious lunch which shall be served while hot in very hygienic attitude


We proceed to the last stop to be welcomed by drum-beats where gusts are requested to participate with refreshments of fruits of the season and soft drinks