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Amazon Mikumi National Park, Selous Tour Guide: Walter Harrison

Mikumi National Park


Mikumi National Park lies alongside the Northern border of Africa’s biggest Game Reserve – the Selous Game Reserve– forming a unique ecosystem. The open horizons and abundant wildlife of the Mkata Floodplain, the fashionable centrepiece of Mikumi, draw frequent comparisons to the more famous Serengeti Plains.


More than 400 bird species were recorded, the lilac-breasted rollers, yellow-throated longclaws and bateleur eagles joined by a host of European migrants during the rainy season.


Nyerere National Park – formally known as Selous Game Reserve


A newly established Park is part of what is known as Selous Game Reserve. Founded in 2019 and covering over 30,000 square kilometres, now the largest National Park in Africa. The park boasts Tanzania’s largest elephant population and many lions, leopards, African hunting dogs, buffaloes, and hippos. Species commonly seen are bushbucks, red and blue duikers, elands, hartebeests, hyenas, giraffes, oryx, reedbucks, impalas, waterbucks and zebras.


The park has the most extensive diversity of safari activities ranging from Romantic Boat Safari along the Great Rufiji River, legendary fly camping trips, walking and compliment classic game driving in thriving wildlife areas.

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1: Day Dar es Salaam to Mikumi National Park

Early morning pick-up from Dar es Salaam and drive to Mikumi National Park, approximately 6 hours from Dar es Salaam. You will arrive in time for hot lunch, then after lunch. You will proceed with the game drive till evening-viewing animals such as elephants, lions, giraffes, buffalos, warthogs, wildebeests, hartebeests, antelopes, and hippos, crocodiles and pythons.



Day 2: Mikumi National Park


Deliciously morning breakfast, to be enjoyed in camp departure for a full day of game drives around Mikumi National Park with picnic lunch. The open horizons and plentiful wildlife of the Mkata Floodplain, the popular centrepiece of Mikumi, usually draw frequent comparisons to the famous Serengeti Plains. Before the end of the day, you will return to the lodge and spend the time relaxing in the swimming pool, evening dinner and overnight.


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Day 3: Mikumi National Park to Selous Game Reserve


After early morning breakfast, you drive to Selous Game Reserve, approximately 8 hours from Mikumi National Park. The drive is through some arid vegetation characterised by African Savannah and scattered acacia.

Day 4 & 5: Selous Game Reserve


Deliciously morning breakfast, to be enjoyed in camp, depart for a full day game drive with picnic lunch in the Selous Game Reserve, exploring the game in the surrounding areas. Game drives are the best way to travel further and see some more giant games, including the predators.


In addition, the Selous is home to the largest population of wild dogs in Africa, which are a real highlight if you are lucky enough to encounter a pack.


The boat safari is superb in the afternoon, watching wildlife come to the water’s edge to drink and getting close to bird colonies, hippos and crocodiles and the spectacular sundown.

Before the end of the day, you will return to the camp and spend the time relaxing in the swimming pool, evening dinner and overnight.


There are no activities planned for the final day and you are able to depart the accommodation at any time.



bush walks are entirely different here, sightseeing the miombo woodland environment with your guide. The walking safari is an exciting opportunity to get close to the animals and the best way to learn the intricacies of the African bush.


Walk along the firmed trail through the African bushes is entirely different from game drives; being on foot brings about a new way of appreciating the natural environment.


After breakfast, pack your bags and say your farewells as you depart to Dar es Salaam to drop off at your hotel or airport.






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