Swahili Beach Resort has all the comforts and luxuries of a resort. This is due to the fact that they have the financial backing to ensure that everything is of the best authentic Zanzibar quality. They have used stunning authentic Zanzibar furnishings and design to create one of the best places in the entire Zanzibar. It is not a beach resort with hundreds of people. It is small enough to be intimate and big enough to allow for all the luxuries like a pool, room service (something not very common in Zanzibar) and many other luxuries.

Swahili Beach Resort is located in the renowned area of Kizimkazi. For those perhaps not too familiar with Zanzibar, this is where people come to swim with the dolphins. Whilst they often swim away when you dive in the water, you are pretty much guaranteed of seeing them… regularly! Swahili Beach Resort is also located on the best beach in the area. The sea is the most tropical you will ever encounter!