Kendwa Rocks  is situated on the North coast of Zanzibar, 55 km from Stone Town city and just a few kilometres from Nungwi village. It can be easily reached by dala dala, bus or taxi from Zanzibar Town. Kendwa Rocks can also arrange the trip for you. Please contact them through the address and fax number below.  Kendwa Rocks derives its name from the Kendwa village that is hidden above the vegetation high above the beach. It is built on coral rock formation rising from the vast beach that is still being used as the village football ground. Right across the sea you see the island of Tumbatu and its lighthouse tower. Beautiful sunsets are everyday enjoyment and moonlighted nights make unforgettable experience on the sandy white coral-and-seashell beach.  The beach is excellent for swimming at all tides; there are no rocks or seaweed.  Tours to the unspoilt north coast always end up at Ras Nungwi, a sleepy fishing village on the northern tip of  Zanzibar island. Nungwi and Kendwa are dhow building capitals of Zanzibar, so you will be able to see the traditional methods of dhow construction in action. This area of Zanzibar has some fantastic beaches, and nearby coral reefs which are ideal for diving and snorkelling. The local villagers have built a turtle sanctuary where injured turtles and other marine animals are nursed back to health before being released back into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.