Situated about one mile down the West Coast from Nungwi - Zanzibar, Kendwa is a haven for those that prefer a slightly quieter holiday retreat. Kendwa is famous for its laid back and cool atmosphere. Kendwa itself is a tiny village but along the beach there are four hotel complexes which have been built sympathetically to the environment.

Located directly on the magnificent beach, the new Amaan Annex Kendwa is built onto the hillside giving panoramic views of the azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean.There is a band of trees which separate the hotels from the beach, which remains unspoilt and breathtakingly beautiful. Due to its prime location at the North of the island, the tide only retreats about 6m at low tide, so swimming is possible at any time of day. A band of coral lies about 20m off shore which offers interesting snorkelling, and trips can be organised by the hotel. After spending a relaxing day on the beach and swimming in the cooling tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, you can watch the sun setting over the sea, and as the sun goes down, the moon and the stars come out, creating a magical glittering canopy above you.